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The Most Epic Time-Sucker Ever!

My littlest baby is going to start school in September, I actually only have a couple more months before I’ll have to go to registration night again to sign him up!

I learned a lot at a recent job interview but ultimately decided to go back to school. I went for a meeting to learn about the program and take a tour of the facilities. An hour drive each way for a 15 minute tour did not impress me but the school has a great reputation and the course only takes nine months to complete.

I got home from that meeting and was telling my family about it, my husband was surprised that I wasn’t more excited about it as I was recounting the details.  He knows me.  He knows that I tend to get really, really worked up about something and generally drive him nuts with anticipation.

Not getting excited was something that I consciously had to choose.  The course has start dates every three months (one actually starts tomorrow!) but I still have my Little Man at home with me until September.  It just makes sense for me to wait and start school at the same time he does, that way I’m not in school all through the summer when both boys will be home and I won’t have to find (and pay!) someone to care for him.

Even I can’t fathom living in a state of anticipation for nearly a year so I decided that I needed to find something else to occupy my mind during the few bits of downtime that I get during the day.  What did I pick?  Knitting! Continue reading

Nursing, Bras and Boobs – My Guest Post!

A while back I was contacted by another blogger about doing a guest post for her site.  I really enjoy her writing and was thrilled that she asked me to contribute!

Today, as her featured #FridayFrenzy guest I talk nursing, undergarments and boobs (or lack thereof) and I would truly appreciate it if you would stop over to her site The Inklings of Life and take a look around! (After you read my amazing post of course!)

The Grass is Greener (and the Air is Warmer) Over The Septic Tank

I remember, years ago, reading Erma Bombeck’s book The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank.  I honestly don’t remember any specifics about the book but I’m sure that it was a fun, and funny, read.  The title has always stuck with me however and it seems especially appropriate today! Continue reading

10 Things Learned From A Job Interview

I had a job interview yesterday, here is what I learned:

  1. It is absolutely possible for me to hold my own in a conversation that doesn’t include Thomas trains, Lego figures, Disney characters or Octonaut references.
  2. I only own one nice pair of pants.  (By nice I mean “business casual” – I think, I’ve never really wrapped my head around those attire terms but I mean something not-to-dressy but free of juice, snot or farm dirt.)
  3. I should get into the habit of renewing my makeup.  I’m pretty sure I wore that same eyeliner to my high school prom.
  4. I need to dig around in some boxes (soon) to find another nice shirt before the next interview tomorrow.  And then wash whatever I find since it’s likely been in a box for months and months.
  5. My curly hair only looks nice when it’s been freshly washed.  Curly hair should only be washed every two to three days therefore I am happy that my follow-up interview got delayed until tomorrow.
  6. I do not own (or cannot find at least) a decent pair of shoes meant for colder weather.
  7. I am very grateful to my sister who acted as my personal shopper when I needed a new winter coat, at least I didn’t have to show up to my interview in my decade-old coat that I inherited from my stepson, or, go out and actually shop for a coat!  (To be honest, I loved all the pockets on that coat and have resisted the insistent requests from my husband to get a new one!)
  8. I love wearing a name badge! (It would be nicer if it didn’t say “Visitor” but still, a badge is a badge!)
  9. I get very excited at the prospect of learning new things.  If I had the time and money I think I would love to be a “professional student!” If I don’t end up getting this job then I’ve decided to teach myself to knit!
  10. I need to stop assuming that I know who’s on the other end of the phone before I pick it up, regardless of the number that pops up on the screen

Oh, To Be Three Again

My three-year-old son has it made.  Really.

He made his mama wake up with him at 5:30am, set him up with the iPad (so the TV wouldn’t wake up his big brother) and then try to finish her night’s sleep on the couch.  Which is leather and not at all comfortable (or warm) when the furnace hasn’t started warming the house up for the day yet.

Then, he gets to have a nice nap on the way to Walmart to buy Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue while Mama has to stay awake navigating tricky road construction and pesky police officers who insist on staying behind her rather than passing and carrying on with their day. Continue reading

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